Sam Graci

Thought leader, Natural Health

Sam Graci is an internationally renowned lecturer, consultant, researcher, and formulator in the field of optimal human health and nutrition. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in adolescent psychology and chemistry, Sam has additional degrees in education, special education, and counseling. He is the founder and president of Graci Research Ltd., a company dedicated to nutritional research and development. Sam has traveled extensively throughout the world interviewing researchers, reviewing studies, and collecting information about medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, sea vegetables, and organic growing techniques. As a result of his work, and after seven years of research, Sam created and introduced greens+ to the US market in 1991 and to the Canadian market in 1992. The award-winning “green drink” is comprised of 23 synergistic foods designed to supplement a healthy diet. The success of greens+ and Sam’s research have spawned the development of a whole category of products known as green ‘superfoods’. Sam was also instrumental in the development of the newly enhanced greens+ formulations, including greens+ daily detox and greens+ extra energy. Sam remains North America’s leading authority on nutritional superfoods as well as a key expert on acid-alkaline chemistry and its connection to optimal health. His work and his products continue to be supported and endorsed by leading holistic practitioners. Residing in beautiful Salt Spring Island, Sam continues to write many progressive articles on nutrition and health for magazines and newspapers. He has also authored the following books: The Power of Superfoods, The Food Connection, The Path to Phenomenal Health, and his latest: The Bone-Building Solution. NEW! Did you know greens+ is making a healthy difference in the lives of animals too? Besides helping people live healthier, vibrant lives, Sam Graci in conjunction with Genuine Health, is assisting animals too! Find out how greens+ is helping animals in need of rescue and rehabilitation at the Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, located in Salt Spring Island, BC. For further information, go to: